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Housing Works' Mission
Founded in 1990, Housing Works is the largest grassroots AIDS organization in the U.S. We are a healing community of people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. Our mission is to end the dual crises of homelessness and AIDS through relentless advocacy, the provision of lifesaving services, and entrepreneurial businesses that sustain our efforts.  More info: 

Housing Works' Three Pillars

Relentless Advocacy
Through our advocacy offices in New York City, Albany, Washington D.C., and abroad in Haiti and Puerto Rico, Housing Works fights for funding and legislation to ensure that all people living with HIV/AIDS have access to quality housing, healthcare, HIV prevention information, and other life-sustaining services, as well as legal protections from stigma and discrimination. Since our founding, we've engaged in an array of advocacy strategies: traditional government lobbying; weekly legislative visits to Albany by HIV-positive clients; non-violent civil disobedience, street protests, and rallies; and, impact litigation to ensure governments, entities, and individuals respect the rights of people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. This inside-plus-outside pressure on elected officials has made Housing Works a force to be reckoned with on local, state, national, and international levels.

While Housing Works fights in particular for the inclusion and dignity of marginalized people, including active drug users, homeless people, and sexual minorities, we advocate on behalf of all people living with HIV/AIDS, whatever their circumstances and wherever they live.
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Lifesaving Services
Housing Works prides itself on the comprehensive array of supportive services we've provided to more than 20,000 homeless and low-income New Yorkers living with HIV/AIDS since 1990. We believe that providing stable housing is a fundamental part of healthcare and the first step toward living a long, healthy life. In addition to housing, our services include healthcare, case management, meals, nutritional counseling, substance use treatment, legal assistance, and job training. These lifesaving services touch upon the complex and often overlapping issues faced by our clients.
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Entrepreneurial Businesses
Housing Works is a pioneer in the social enterprise movement. We operate businesses that generate funding for our mission, provide jobs for our job-training graduates, and educate hundreds of thousands of customers about AIDS and homelessness. These businesses inclrowude Housing Works Thrift Shops, the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, and The Works Catering.
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